Opportunity will come your way
When it does take the leap don’t be afraid of change
Been having visions seen it happen deja vu
When life weighs you down just keep pushing through
Looking back to the past I wanted to bring people together
So I reached for the strings of my guitar and I knew this would be it forever

You can stay if you want to but if you don’t understand
There’s a reason I have to have my own master plan
Cause you had left me once here before
The longer I float the further I go
There’s not much for me
My heart’s on the floor
I’ve grown to be so real

Thinking back to when I locked myself in a room
Working day and night like I’d be having something to prove
I see my name shine to the top we must climb
Steppin’ toward the right direction aim past the prize everyday
There always seems to be a way
Never ever down to waste a single day
So many thoughts in my head words to say
And this is just a warm up make you wanna stay